Focus Issue (12/365) - Day Twelve Project365

Focus Issue

Focus Issue - Day Twelve of Project365

I couldn't think of a more fitting picture to sum up today really. I can't seem to focus on anything. Have you ever starting doing something because you enjoy it only to then change your mind 5 minutes later? Well that's been my day. Well, actually that's been my past few days.

It's become apparent that I am definitely in one of my low moods. There's plenty of things to do but can I find the motivation to do any of them? Nope. If I had to pick just one thing I hate the most about my depression it would most certainly be the feeling of being lost and being uncertain. It can sometimes be like your brain switches off while you are still awake rendering you pretty much useless. Quite often I find myself just sitting somewhere, not doing anything, just sitting. Okay, just sitting and thinking can sometimes be a good thing but when your mind is prone to wandering and jumping to conclusions maybe it's not so good.

Time to go and think about doing lots of things...then not do them.

- R

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