Reading Over

I'm glad Christmas is out of the way for another year, it wasn't as bad as usual but still not particularly pleasant. I managed to control my thoughts a lot better than normal, which is a sign I've done, or doing, something right. One long standing side effect of my depression which I can't seem to kick very easily when it starts is the horrible feeling of confusion and lack of concentration mixed with anger. It usually happens when I'm doing something I usually enjoy, like gaming.

For me, depression isn't just feeling sad. It's being unmotivated, tired, irritable and many more things.

I have found reading can provide a bit of relief for a short while but actually finding the motivation to do it is a whole different thing. I'm just hoping I don't have that many episodes of this when I'm completing my Project365. If anything I hope my photography will be a distraction at times.

Christmas Countdown

As Christmas gets closer it always gets me thinking.This is supposed to be the time of joy and happiness but I always find myself struggling to be merry alongside everyone else, it's been the same for several years now.

The past few years have been difficult, coming out of university with a worse feeling of depression and anxiety than I started with, two major operations and multiple setbacks have left me in a position with fewer friends, no job and of course very little extra money for luxuries. I'm not the same person I was 5 years ago, in many ways I'm better but I'm also worse. I'm always scared of the unknown, I often lack the confidence to do what I know I am capable of but I am stronger maybe not physically but mentally. As many people have told me, something will come along...eventually.

Despite Christmas supposedly about 'being together' and 'being happy' it's difficult to go along with that mentality when this season screams of everything I'm not. It makes you think of those people who are no longer here, be that they have passed on, or those you've lost contact with. It's something I often get told to get over, or I'll get used to it. I won't. The feeling doesn't go away, I guess it just gets very slightly less shocking, I've come to expect it.

Who knows maybe 2018 will bring something different, I say this every year but next year will be my year.

- R

An Introduction of Sorts

It's always hard starting something when you're going in pretty much blind but here goes. This is an introduction of sorts to my new blog. As someone who fights daily with depression and anxiety, I have a lot going on in my head, but often struggle to get it out. I've had first hand experience of the stigma of mental health and needless to say, it's very important to me to get my viewpoint and feelings across.

I'm hoping to use photography along with my own words to create and complete a Project365 this upcoming year. Photography has often been a voice for me when I couldn't find the words and who knows by writing about my life with depression, I may help someone else.