Trooper (14/365) - Day Fourteen Project365

Trooper (14/365)

Nothing special photowise today as quite frankly I'm sick of looking at this screen. I've spent today being a 'trooper'...bad joke. Anyway, I've sent today being a trooper in the sense of I found a problem with the site so I've spent the day finding and fixing it. Nightmare.

I really do wish I knew just that little bit more about coding/website design in general. Been racking my brains today why my images where really badly compressed when displayed. To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure but it's now solved. Well solved as much as it is going to be today. I have a feeling I'm going to have another restless night thinking of ideas to fix it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to potentially change the theme over, or following some advice, attempt designing a page. That can only go horribly wrong but we shall see!

- R

PS as it turns out, I really like how portrait images look when aligned to the left. Now to take more portrait shots...

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