Underwater (11/365) - Day Eleven Project365


Day Eleven of Project365

Honestly, this picture sums up my day perfectly. My head feels like it's underwater. I suffer from migraines which most of the time, I can't tell when it's going to kick in. Today though it's been building and building until now it's really hurting.

I'm always able to tell it's going to be a migraine, not just a bad headache, because I become really slow. I must have typed all of these sentences a trillion times due to how many mistakes I keep making. It's kind of like a cloud covers everything I'm doing and turns me into a accident-prone mess. I also can't concentrate on anything which would probably distract me slightly.

On a side note though, I'm definitely going to use the GoPro more throughout my project365. It allows me to capture more obscure images like today's. It's also very portable so I should probably start taking it out more with me.

To bed I go!

- R