West Kirby Marine Lake (8/365)

West Kirby Marine Lake

Day Eight of Project365

Travelled back home to West Kirby earlier today to try and capture a sunset picture at the marine lake. However as it turned out the sunset was appalling and I may as well not have bothered!

I've taken this shot a fair few times but not this year! I think I've got away with it this time...

It's always a bit weird going back to West Kirby. I grew up there but to be completely honest, I hate the place. I've got some good memories of course but looking back it's mostly bad. Although one benefit of going back to places like the Marine Lake is realising how far I've actually come, maybe not physically but mentally. There is alot of things, and people, that are best left in the past. So maybe taking the same picture from a new perspective is a hidden meaning? Who knows.

- R

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