Reading The Day Away (10/365)

Reading The Day Away

Day Ten Project365

I'm still not completely back to normal today. Lacking motivation. I've decided to spend the day reading some books and working my way through the small pile I've accumulated.

Throughout the past year I've found reading often helps distract me from overthinking. It allows my brain to switch off and enter the world I'm reading about for a few hours. I can find myself mentally inside a magical castle, or inside a dystopian world of some sort (probably one that's hungry and there's a game...). I love having the mental images the writer describes knowing that nobody else will imagine exactly what I am. That's probably why more often than not, whenever a film adaptation of a book is made it just never seems to be as good. Harry Potter. Nothing like what I imagined.

Currently I'm working my way through the Shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare. Which again, not that I've seen it properly, has an awful TV adaptation.

- R

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